I’m inspired by artists like Beeple or Song A Day guy who have for many days in a row shipped something. Even bloggers like Seth Godin have something lined up almost every day.

I’ve seen their work get way better over the years and they are constantly improving and getting…

I was losing weight quicker than I wanted. Apparently, this is a pretty common problem as you start to workout more.

There is one big issue — most calories in the grocery store are not healthy.

So, how do I get healthy calories?

Photo by Roberta Sorge on Unsplash

Olive oil. That’s it. It’s been hiding in plain sight for so long. 1 cup of olive oil has almost 2,000 calories!

But is it healthy? Healthline and SelfHacked both have well written articles w/ cited sources explaining its positive effects. It’s also a superfood that well educated health nuts like Ben Greenfield or Dr. Gundry consume daily.

Easy enough. Let’s get out our salad, load it with olive oil, and feast well my friends. Remember, salad 🥬 is just the vehicle to transport olive oil 🚗.

My foot hit the ground and I felt a sharp pain a few inches from my heel.


Several google searches later I learned that my achilles tendon was sore. Online consensus indicated that I should rest my heel so it could recover.


I love jogging and wanted to…

“Your health is worrying me. At this rate, you might not be able to walk in a few years. Why aren’t you doing anything about it?” I asked my Dad as I held back a whirlwind of emotions.

My Dad replied, “Don’t you think I want to do something about…

Woah! That was interesting. I’m so happy I did that.

That’s how I felt right after I did my first morning pages. I had a breakthrough in terms of what I was thinking. Every day I’ve gained new insights from writing morning pages. …

In online communities there is this rule of thumb called the 1% rule. It says that for every 100 users, only 1 of them will actively participate while the rest will just consume content. The users who participate are known as contributors while the users who only consume are lurkers.

Retention is low and you aren’t able to convert new customers. Those two metrics being off is the kiss of death for SaaS businesses. Many founders struggle to figure out what they should do when these numbers are low.

I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t need to be a struggle to improve retention and churn. Founders who follow the approach I’m going to outline will always have a pulse on what their customers are thinking and what they need to prioritize in order to move the needle forward.

I gave a hint to the solution already— did you catch it? Having a pulse on what your customers are thinking is the best way to improve conversion and retention.

So how do you do it? Subscribe to find out more.

Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger popularized the notion of punchcard investing. They think that if investors did this, then they’d probably see much higher returns.

You’re given piece of paper with 20 spots and every time you make an investment you punch a hole in one of the spots. …

There was a time when people weren’t sure whether cryptocurrency was here to stay. It was an experiment let loose on the wild wild web. People weren’t sure if it would fail and forever be in the graveyard with countless other internet busts.

During all previous bull cycles, amid the…

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Software engineer in the Bay Area, cryptocurrency enthusiast, and runner. This is where I muse.

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